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10 Tips to Prevent Electrical Fires

1/18/2019 (Permalink)

A common cause of house fires is faulty electrical wiring. The following tips should be followed to prevent electrical fires. When in doubt, call an electrician.

  1. Call an electrician to check the fuse box or breaker panel. Ask the electrician to correct any damaged components.
  2. Call an electrician to inspect the wiring. Replace any old wiring if the electrician suggests you to do so and have him wrap any damaged portions of wiring with electrical tape temporarily.
  3. Check for broken plugs or switches.
  4. Do not overload any circuits. Limit the amount of appliances you use and plug only into an appropriate outlet. Note that in most homes, the electrical load on a home is greatest during the evening when family members are consuming electricity using several appliances: cooking; running the dishwasher; watching television in the living room; browsing the internet; listening to the radio; etc.
  5. Avoid “octopus” connections, do not overload plugs.
  6. Unplug appliances when not in use.
  7. Use high quality and high standard electrical products when replacing wires or other components.
  8. Do not use damaged appliances.
  9. Install smoke and carbon dioxide alarms where required.
  10. Do not plug too many appliances into one extension cord. Use only high quality approved extension cords that can handle the load.

West Duluth Property Owners Turn to SERVPRO for Streamlining Their Fire Loss Claims and Getting To Work

11/14/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage West Duluth Property Owners Turn to SERVPRO for Streamlining Their Fire Loss Claims and Getting To Work SERVPRO, West Duluth Fire Damage, Insurance Companies and a Great Cleanup and Restoration

Fast Fire Insurance Claim Estimations at Your West Duluth Home

As disasters impact your West Duluth residence, your responsibility as a homeowner is navigating the terrain of getting your home back to its original condition as quickly as possible. With a fire, this means securing professional restoration services and working with the insurance provider covering your house. As overwhelming as this might initially seem, our team can help you to make it simpler and streamlined to get restoration work started as promptly as possible.

With fire damages in your West Duluth residence, you cannot allow the damages to sit for weeks on end as you scour the internet for the best reviews and ratings of restoration companies. It is ideal to have a service in mind already, but if not, you should focus on the team that provides a comprehensive approach to their restoration and mitigation services. Our SERVPRO team can not only help to preserve damaged elements of your home with our fast response times but also work to make the challenge of the claim process more efficient as well.

Once the first responders and firefighters have left your residence and the fire has gotten extinguished, you should call our SERVPRO team before any other phone calls. This call can get boots on the ground and our Green Fleet of equipment rolling out to your address with an estimator to inspect the full scope of the damage to the property and catalog all losses. We work closely with local and major insurance companies, which gives us a working idea of what documentation and evidence are necessary to validate your claim and our estimations to get the claim you file approved quickly. The Xactimate Program is universally accepted for budgeting restoration services.

We continue our communication with both the insurance provider and the homeowner throughout the restoration process to determine a concrete timeline and milestones that get reached. You can depend on our SERVPRO of The Twin Ports certified technicians to make fire damages affecting your home “Like it never even happened.” Give our experienced professionals a call anytime disaster strikes at (218) 727-2575.

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Fire Damage Remediation Mistakes in West Duluth That You Should Avoid

9/23/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage Remediation Mistakes in West Duluth That You Should Avoid Cleaning up after a fire is something that is best left to certified professionals. Contact SERVPRO should your home sustain fire damage.

Why Arrange Professional Fire Damage Restoration for Your West Duluth House

West Duluth homeowners who feel confident taking on many home improvement projects might consider completing cleanup and restoration of fire damage on their own. The idea of saving some money and maintaining control over the process can be tempting, but do-it-yourself fire damage remediation is not the best approach. Your and your family’s safety and health are at risk, and the integrity of your home’s structure is also an issue. Our trained crews and advanced equipment can help.

A significant concern with DIY fire damage cleanup in West Duluth is the probability that the individuals handling the tasks expose themselves to health hazards. Fire residues are not common, household dirt. Tiny bits of items that burned incompletely during the fire make up the soot. Wood, plastic, foam, and textiles almost always leave airborne debris and coatings, some of which can contain hazardous materials including asbestos, formaldehyde, tar, and a wide range of chemicals depending on the composition of the building materials and fixtures in your dwelling. Sometimes the contamination of your home is so severe you and your family might need to move out to temporary housing during remediation.

SERVPRO fire restoration technicians deep clean the affected areas, removing the dangerous debris with products and tools that streamline the process. Our crews wear personal protective equipment and employ strategies to prevent fire debris from spreading throughout your home during cleaning and restoration. We work with your insurance carrier to avoid or minimize the length of time relocation is necessary. We use various specialized cleaning and containment equipment to complete restoration tasks more efficiently. For example, we install negative pressure air scrubber systems to seal off work areas and filter the air released while we clean, repair, and restore.

We also evaluate fire damaged articles you might believe are unsalvageable, saving both money and your property. SERVPRO production technicians train in specialized procedures that restore items including heirlooms to documents to toys, and many more.
Fire residues begin to deteriorate building components and contents immediately. The longer it takes to clean away the soot and smoke the more likely permanent and irreparable damage occurs. Working alone without professional equipment and expertise significantly slows the process. Hiring SERVPRO ensures a team approach, and our training and experience make sure the tasks we undertake complete quickly and appropriately.

SERVPRO of The Twin Ports has much to offer homeowners recovering from the effects of a household fire. Call (218) 727-2575 as soon as the authorities release your property back to you once the flames extinguish.

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What To Expect When SERVPRO Responds After Fire Damages Your Superior Home

8/3/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage What To Expect When SERVPRO Responds After Fire Damages Your Superior Home Damage to your Superior property from a household fire can be shocking and overwhelming.

Fire Damage To Your Home

Damage to your Superior property from a household fire can be shocking and overwhelming. The residues from a fire coat every available surface, charring can affect possessions and structural components, and the lingering odor is tough to eradicate. When confronted by the extent of the damage it quickly becomes evident you need assistance from a reputable company with outstanding customer service. We agree and are just a call away.

One of our core services is fire damage restoration, and your Superior residence is in confident and capable hands once we arrive on the scene. The crew chief assesses your premises for safety first, and then once all is secured we take all steps necessary to return your home to preloss condition. Our employees are IICRC trained and certified, and bring that knowledge along with extensive experience to your fire disaster.

It might come as a somewhat of a surprise to you, but the first task SERVPRO completes on most fire jobs is water removal. Firefighters use water and chemical extinguishers to knock out the blaze, leaving quantities of water and powder on floors and surfaces. Water is very destructive to building materials and belongings and creates both slip and fall and electrical shock hazards. Our trucks carry pumps and water extractors at all times, and also power generators in case your electricity is temporarily shut down, so there is no delay in removing the water.

We also set up a drying perimeter after the water evacuates, as moisture lingers in the porous materials commonly used in construction -- wood, drywall, insulation, ceiling tiles, and more. Then the SERVPRO crew begins the fire residue cleanup, matching the types of soot to the appropriate cleaning tools and cleaning products. Dry, ashy soot from a hot-burning fire fuel like paper is loose and vacuums up or dry sponges off reasonably easily. Protein-based soot from a kitchen fire forms a lacquer-like coating that can require a solvent and scrubbing.

“Wet” soot deposits after a smoldering fire, often linked to electrical wiring shorting and burning or fabrics slowly consumed by an oxygen-starved blaze. SERVPRO employees might use a spray and wipe method, or even abrasive tools to loosen and remove that type of residue. Articles like dishware, knickknacks, window blinds, and other portable items can profit from a pack out to our production facility where we use immersion or ultrasonic tanks to remove residues from intricate detailing.

SERVPRO of The Twin Ports can handle all aspects of your fire damage scenario. Contact us at (218) 727-2575 as soon as the firefighters leave. We respond 24/7 because fire damage cannot wait.

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